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On how Meriam and Eric met, Eddie shares: Eric was living in a group house and had just taken a shower. He had changed into his cat onesie and was walking to his bedroom when he saw Meriam eating pizza. They fell in love and went rollerskating.

During this period of social distancing, he thinks Meriam and Eric are: planning this wedding, making vegetable broth, cuddling, and doing burpees.

If stuck on a deserted island with Meriam and Eric, he would bring: Ticket to Ride, boxing gloves, Zoey.



Lauren is unsure how they met, but she knows it involvedpizza leggings (read: pizza, leggings, and pizza leggings— all three); late late nights; toothbrushes (or lack thereof); and Mount Pleasant. 

Her favorite memory with them was: the first time they went thrifting together. Eric left with a Batman mask and Meriam with a gold lamé dress, which Lauren almost successfully convinced her not to buy, but Eric had her back.

If trapped on a desert island with Meriam and Eric, she would bring: noise cancelling headphones, back up noise cancelling headphones, and a bathing suit. Would debate swapping the second pair of noise cancelling headphones for the game Hanabi

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Frances has a pretty crystal clear idea of how they spend their time: While Meriam catches up with friends on the phone, Eric is "learning Spanish" by practicing handstands against the wall and putting mini sombreros on each foot and making them talk to each other like puppets. They have also decided to knock down the wall between the closet and the laundry room.

If trapped on a deserted island with Meriam and Eric, she would bring: garlic to spice the bark and leaves we gather, a red Dodge charger to let everyone know we've arrived, and a phone camera to pass the time; note: the phone matters less than the photo-taking capabilities.

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